Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inspired by my childhood...

Hey hey hey!!!  I hope everyone is doing well.  I have my inspired by my childhood prompt.  So a little background for you.  When I was little my family lived way out in the country literally on a dirt road.  We were the only house on our block.  We were so far out that we did not have cable.  I was the only grandchild at the time and lived with my mom but she worked so much I spent most of my time with my 9 uncles and aunties.  I was basically a little sister as my mother and her twin were the oldest.  I remember my grandma would make us a huge pot of rice on Saturday morning.  You know the kind with a lot of butter and sugar??  We would sit in front of the t.v. with the bowl of rice and watch Ninja Turtles as we only got about three channels.  We lived for that show!  Don't get me started on how happy we were when the movies came out.  So the first thing I always think of when it comes to my childhood is Ninja Turtles.  So our course my mani is Ninja Turtles...

Mani Ingredients
Base colors- Orly Fresh and Sinful Colors Pull Over
Mask colors-Sinful Colors Gogo Girl & Amethyst, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed & China Glaze Man Hunt
Accent colors-Acrylic paint
Stamping polish-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red
Image plate-Cheeky CH 41
Top Coat-Seche Vite

So what do you think??  This is actually my second time doing this mani and I can say this one turned out a bit better.  This is the most free hand you will probably ever see me do.  I struggled a bit with  the tape as you can see.  I am proud of this mani though.  I love how it turned out.

What was your favorite show as a child??  Can you name all the Ninja Turtles??  Thanks for stopping by!


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