Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello everyone!  Today's prompt is chevron's!  I haven't done a chevron mani in a long time.  I must say I am a bit confused by chevron's.  So many people consider them different things.  Some people think the zig zag lines are not chevrons.  I always thought they were.  Some people think only the one zig zag if that makes sense is a chevron.  I guess I am now with those people after doing a bit of research.  They are all pretty so it really does not matter to me what you call them.

Mani Ingredients
Base color-OPI A Definite Moust-Have
Stamping polish-Sally Hansen Presto Pewter
Image plate-Konad m81
Top coat-Seche Vite

I am very happy I ended up purchasing this A Definite Moust-Have.  It is yet another untried.  I think it looks so pretty with my skin.  I am still in shock that I even care what looks good with my skin.  Usually I just wear the colors that make me happy.  I guess if it makes you happy and looks good with your skin tone that makes it great all the way around right??

What do you consider a "chevron mani"??  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! And I agree, the color looks great with your skin tone. Even if you love a color, if it doesn't go well with your complexion, it won't look good. This is why I don't wear yellow, haha.

    1. Thank you so much! I am slowly learning what works with my skin tone. I am not a fan of yellow. Its hard to find one I like.

  2. This looks so cute! I love the pink and silver together :)


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