Sunday, January 6, 2013

Riveting and silver...

Hello all!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Mine was a bit busy.  Big brother (my 8 year old) had his first basketball game of the year.  He is such a good basketball player!  I love to watch him!  He just makes me so proud!

Today I am attempting the silver day of the challenge.  Before I get to the manicure I have to let you know about this wonderful find!!  I have a friend and we both LOVE nail art!!   She told me of this place called Basket Market.  She told me that the Basket Market gets all of Hobby Lobby's (craft store) mark down and clearance items so everything is super cheap!  She told me to go there to get like acrylic paint, nail art brushes, and loose glitters and such.  So I go to the place and am completely blown away how cheap everything was.  The main thing that simply excited me beyond belief was I found a 12 pack of loose holographic glitters!!!  4 in white, 4 in gold and 4 in silver.  The whole pack was...wait for it...wait for it... $1.50!!!  OMG!!  It is unfortunate I have had it over a year because I really didn't know how to properly apply it.  So today I told myself lets do it!!  I used the silver glitter for this design...wait till you see this beautiful stuff!!

For the base colors I started out with a silver Bonita polish (no name on the bottle) on my thumb, index finger and my pinkie.  I then put one more coat and then added the glitter while the polish was still wet.  I used China Glaze Riveting on my middle and ring finger.  I like to change up those accent nails!  This is what it looked like before the stamping.

I decided I loved the glitter nails so I did not stamp on them.  I did stamp the other two nails with Shany image plate SH 25.  I used Sally Hansen Silver Sweep to stamp.  What do you think??

I am wishing everyone a healthy and stress free week!  Also I was checking out Amazon and searched stamping plates 2013.  I found a new brand Pueen stamping plates.  They have some amazing designs!!  I hope they stamp well because of course I ordered them!!  I can't wait to try them.  You can find them here.  Let me know if any of you have tried or heard of this company before.  Thanks for stopping by!


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    1. Wanna know something wierd?? I think it looks so much better without the stamping! LOL! Thanks!


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