Thursday, January 3, 2013

Black, white and red mani...

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone had an excellent New Year's day!  My boys and I celebrated the old fashioned way.  We ate and slept and ate some more.  Lol!  I have really been getting into the nail blog scene and I see there is a new 31 day challenge going on.  I am to late to get into the challenge and don't think I can dedicate this month to a 31 day challenge so I am going to just do a hit and miss on the mani's I like.  Next time when a challenge comes around I want to enter it.  I think it will be fun.  January is going to be somewhat busy for me. I apply for the master's program on the 15th and I need to find time to take the GRE test.  I have been studying but I am wondering if I have studied enough.  Well I have faith in my self for the written part not so much for the comprehensive part.  But we will see. 

Anyway... here is my little creation for the black and white mani...

The base colors I used is one coat of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and 3 coats of Pure Ice Iced Merlot.  I know its not all black and white but I can't do black and white without adding some sort of pop of color.

For stamping I used Mash black and Cheeky plate 33.  I only stamped on the white nails because the Iced Merlot was so pretty I just wanted to leave it alone.  That and the stamp I used is pretty busy and I didn't want to do anything else to it.  As you can see my pinkie is also now painted with Iced Merlot.  That stamp was not working for me on either pinkie so I decided to scrap it.  It was user error but it was driving me crazy.  Not too much black and white but it is still there.  I am not very happy with this I wish I would have used another design.  But I am no where near perfect so...I will be wearing this mani to work tomorrow.  So what do you think??


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