Monday, March 3, 2014

Matte Monday: Louis Vuitton Print...

Hello everyone!  Snowed in again today!  No school for Big Brother and no work for me.  So that means...pampering of myself all day.  I have washed, conditioned, braided and styled my hair. (Whew...that was a lot)  I am now working on getting ahead on some posts because we will be moving this month.  I have been doing so good keeping up with "Matte Monday" that I need to make sure it continues.

Mani Ingredients
Base polishes-L'Oreal Taste of Romance and Salon Perfect Loves Me Loves Me Not
Stamping polish-Kleancolor Black
Image plate-QA 39
Top coat-OPI Matte Top Coat

Super cute huh??  At first I was worried about the image being lost with the glitter polish but it didn't so I was happy.  The base polishes together sort of gave me an glitter sandwich type of feel.  Even though I didn't create a glitter sandwich it still looked awesome.

Do you like glitter sandwiches??  What is your favorite combo??  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. love this!! New follower here by the way!! I love jelly sandwiches and you've reminded me that I need to do it more often. I'm usually a creme girl.

    1. Well welcome!! Thanks so much!! I do love me a creme polish as well!!


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