Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is doing great today!  I started two new challenges this month!  One is weekly and one is every few days!  This is going to be super quick because I am on my way out the door to football practice!  Just some pink nails with some stickers.  Very simple.  I will post the prompts for the instagram challenge.  I did not make the banners only reposting.

Mani Ingredients
Base color-Orly Razzle
Top coat-Seche Vite
Studs and Breast Cancer stickers-Ebay

I hope you like this and I apologize for the very short post.  I will do better.  Below are the prompts if you want to join in.  If you do leave your link in the comments so I can check it out!

What challenges are you doing this month??  Thanks for stopping by!


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