Monday, June 24, 2013

So neon you need sunglasses...

Hey everyone!!  Hope your doing well!  I have some neon nails for you today!  I am attempting to get myself on some sort of schedule for posting.  I usually wear the mani's I blog about.  I am trying to stop painting my nails everyday which is what I do most of the time.  Sometimes it is just polish sometimes it is nail art.  I feel painting my nails is taking over my life.  I do love to paint my nails but I love spending time with my family more.  Does anyone have tips on how to better prioritize my time??  So on to the mani...

Mani Ingredients
Base colors-Orly Dayglow and Glowstick
Glitter accents-Icing Milky Way
Stamping polish-Kleancolor Black
Image plate-Cheeky CH37
Top coat-Seche Vite

How cute are the glasses with the neon polish??  Oh my goodness I keep falling deeper and deeper in love with black and white glitters!!  I finally found a shredded looked one on Etsy and it was on clearance!  Clearance is the best way to buy polish!  I purchased two more black and white glitters on eBay.  The Nabi and Kleancolor brand.  I actually purchased a whole set of 6 of Kleancolor matte glitters.  The are so cheap only $6.99 for all 6.  I hope they are nice when I get them.  I will more than likely love them regardless... yeah I will.

Do you like neon's??  How do you wear them??  On your toes or fingers or only an accent nail for those not as bold??  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Tee hee your addiction continues!

    The sunglasses on neon are just too cute!

    And I'd love to see Kleancolor swatches - you can't get them here in the UK easily!

    1. This addiction is something else!! I will do my first swatch posts for you!!


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