Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fix my fail contest entry...

Hey everyone!!  This has been a super long week!!  I work in the school system and this is the last week of school so I have been extra tired and stressed!  I am so excited for the weekend!!  Although it will be extra busy as well!  At least I can look forward to summer break.  I was so excited that one of my favorite blogger made her contest available to those of us like me with no face book.  You can check out the lovely Lacquer or Leave Her blog here.  She does amazing nail art!!

Michelle (Lacquer or Leave Her blogger) has a contest that she names Fix my fail.  She gives you one or two manis and you can recreate them.  Of course you have to keep some of the same elements.  I have never really spotted anything terribly horrible out of the whole two times she has ran this contest that I know of.  Here is my try at fixing her fail...

Mani Ingredients
Base color-Claires Starstruck Drops of Jupiter
Accent color- Color Club unnamed purple (Why don't they name them?!?!)
Stamping polish-Konad white
Image plate-Pueen 31
Top coat-Seche Vite

I thought that maybe the base was a bit too busy for the type of stamp she used so I used a more solid colored base.  I really love the stamp she used but I did not have it so I chose the next best thing.  I hope you enjoy this mani!

Since no one let me know they would be participating in the Disney Challenge with me I guess I am all on my own.  Lol!  Its fine.  There are so many other challenges going on at this moment. At least I do not have to create another inlinkz.  That was a but confusing for me the first time around as I had never did it before.  Also this week kicked my behind so I will not be posting my first Disney mani tomorrow I will start next Friday June 7th.  I still need time to get me a mani together.

Do you participate in many nail art contests??  Do you like contests that are just for fun??

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! You're so sweet to say you've never spotted anything horrible in my fails, lol...:)

    1. Well it definately is true!! Thank you!!

  2. Hey there! I've nominated you for the sunshine award. Feel free to delete the link, but here's the announcement:

  3. Very cute! I love that plate!

    1. Thank you!! I love this whole set!! Has to be the best set I have ever purchased!!


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