Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Simple Stamping...

Hey everyone!  Today's prompt is stamping.  I stamp on almost every mani I do so this was nothing for me!  I did use a plate and two polishes as my base colors that I have never used before.  Yes it is sad to say I had this beautiful holo and never used it!  I really like this mani!  I was wanting to play with some browns and nudes but needed a pop of color.  Let's see what I came up with...

Mani Ingredients
Base colors-  OPI A Taupe the Space Needle and Color Club Love 'Em/Leave 'Em
Stamping polish- Revlon Top Speed Chrome Punch Chrome
Image plate-QA 23

I love the color of the Revlon I used for stamping but I can only use it when it does not matter if some pieces of the design are missing.  This polish dries so fast you can barely stamp it quick.  If you need exact placement of the stamp and can't have it randomly placed do not use this polish.  I only get bits and pieces no matter what I do because it dries so fast.  Even with my XL sticky stamper I can't do it fast enough.


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