Sunday, February 10, 2013

Glittery Gold...

Hello all!  Today I have my gold mani for you!  The gold I decided to use is so pretty I did not want to cover up that much of it so I chose a simple stamp to enhance this mani.

I started with my base coat and then applied OPI Goldeneye to all my nails.  Goldeneye is so pretty!  The only problem I had with it is it chipped within hours. :(  I think I will try Seche Vite next time to seal in my nail polish instead of NYC.  I then used Mash black stamping polish and image plate KD 12 for my ring finger and thumb.  Next I used Mash black stamping polish and image plate QA 39 for my pinkie, middle finger and index finger.  I topped the whole mani off with NYC Grand Central Station top coat.  This is what I ended up with...

Before I began this mani I remembered I had some plates with the Louis Vuitton logo and patterns.  So I went to google and found the pictures below of the bracelet, hat and comforter and decided to use it as my inspiration.  Very pretty bracelet! I do not have one but would love to have this particular bracelet because it is pretty!


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    1. Thank you!! That is a huge compliment coming from you!

  2. where did you get your stamping image plate? I cant fid any designer logos

    1. I buy them on ebay. The KD plate is here: and the QA Also the QA plate is the cheapest on All you have to do is search for the plate number. Hope this helps!


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