Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Duo Chrome...

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is having a good day!  I wanted to say thank you to my followers!! I truly appreciate you taking the time to come by and comment!  Today is the duo chrome day!  I had a hard time scaling it down to one duo chrome but as I stated a few posts ago I am trying to use plates and polishes I have not used before.  So today I used Spoiled Paying with Platinum.  It took three thick coats, ended up with many bubbles and couldn't get good pictures to show off the purple and green duo chrome but it is beautiful!  What do you think of it??

Mani Ingredients
Base color-Spoiled Paying with Platinum
Square black rhinestones-eBay
Top coat-Seche Vite

I have had this for quite some time and just now used it.  I like the color but wish it was easier to photograph.  Have you tried this polish?? 

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