Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spatter mani...

Hey all!!  I got a bit more sleep last night!  Baby brother has a double ear infection. :(  He is doing quite a bit better though.  He slept really good.  It may have been the medicine.  He is still tugging at his ears and hair though.  I am just glad he is not in too much pain. 

I know I have been slacking off on the challenge.  Some of those mani's are confusing to me.  I don't know how to "create" them.  So I am going to get in where I can fit in!  LOL!  Today I chose to try the splatter mani.  I am not into the mani's that require heavy clean up.  Truthfully most of the time I hardly have the time to do the mani let alone clean up afterwards.  I will probably never attempt the true splatter mani.  So I found a way to stamp it!!  Woot woot!!  I began with my base coat and used American Apparel Factory Grey for my base color.  This grey is amazing!  Every American Apparel color I have is a one coater!  I topped off my base color with China Glaze Golden Enchantment.  Golden Enchantment is basically the golden version of Fairy Dust.  Like Fairy Dust Golden Enchantment smells horribly and takes forever to dry!!  I found Fairy Dust and Golden Enchantment before I found Northern Lights hologram top coat.  Trust me I would have never purchased the China Glaze had I known better.  This is what I had before I started stamping...

 I love a good grey nail polish!!  Sometimes I have trouble with them being streaky.  This one applies so good!  I used Konad plate m21 for stamping.  I used 5 different metallic Kleancolor's for the stamping.  I used Metallic Sapphire for the pinkie (This color did not play well with my stamper.  It stained my stamper horribly!), Metallic Fuchsia for the ring finger, Metallic Green for the middle finger, Metallic Purple for the index finger and Metallic Mango for the thumb.  That Metallic Sapphire was a mess when I applied my top coat as well.  It somewhat smeared.  I probably will never wear it as a base because I do not want blue fingers!  Here are some pictures of the completed mani...
I think it turned out good!  I wish my nail beds were a bit bigger so I could add more than one splatter on each nail.  What do you think??  Did I cheat on this one??  Well I have to get dinner cooked for my boys.  Of course we are having baked chicken...Daddy and Big Brother's favorite.  I am still holding on after a week with my healthy eating!!  I can't believe it!  Have a good night readers!


  1. Very cute!!! Love the way the Kleancolors stamped....glad Baby Brother is feeling better :)

    1. Thank you! I really like Kleancolor's for stamping! Every color I have tried stamps well. I am on the lookout for that Metallic Brown I saw in your video!

  2. What pretty color, and the result looks great :)


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